003. The Little Things: a podcast about being positive

Only full glasses here folks! Scharlotte and I want to work on being more positive people. In today's world it isn't always so easy but once a month Scharlotte and I are going to take the time to reflect on the good things that happen and all the wonderful people we encounter. 

We may not know how many parsecs are in a Kessel Run but we do know how to see the sunny side. So tune in while we reflect on wonderful work peers, Jackie Yamada, La La Land, and how majestic Mr. Kitty is.

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002. Let's Talk About Ghosts?

Hello Friends! It's time to face your fears! I gathered my friends Scharlotte, Sarah, Chris, and Nichole to go on an adventure to Ashley's Family Restaurant. It is famous in Brevard County for being haunted we wanted to see if we could meet some ghosts. Join us as we share our tales of ghosts, glowsticks, and number twos!


  • Ashleys Family Restaurant [photo]
  • Ashley's story [photo]
  • Hanging plants and purple lights [photo]
  • Our table [photo]
  • Great fashion choices aka we thought NSYNC would think we were so cool [photo]
  • Scharlotte & Nichole twin day [photo]

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001. Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

Hello Friends! Here is the first episode of my new podcast. I want this podcast to be a way to stay connected to all of my friends. We will go on many fun adventures, learn a lot, and have a lot of laughs.

This episode features my best friends Sarah and Scharlotte as we talk about our year full of pockets, brussel sprouts and weddings and we share our goals and hope for 2017. Thanks for listening!



Logo: Jaclyn Yamada Design & Illustration                                Theme Song: Jazzhar - Birthday Cake